5 Minute Friday Flows with Battle Ropes Master Coach Aaron Guyett

This 5 Minute Friday Flows with Battle Ropes Master Coach Aaron Guyett brings together my six favorite training methods/tools.

For my workout today, I used six different tools in a highly variable pattern, going through as many movements and planes of motion as possible for five minutes without rest.

I am using low weight to be able to last all five minutes, and I use this time to get familiar with the tool, my body, and most important my mind.

The mind has a tendency to wander, and there is nothing like a workout with heavy objects to bring it into a focused present-tense.

The whole workout I work within my comfortable movement patterns and functional ranges of motion, which allows me to see what I have capacity for with each tool.

The tools I use to flow with are:

  1. Battle Rope
  2. Steel Club
  3. Steel Mace
  4. Barbell
  5. Kettlebell
  6. Body Weight

Notice I use the tools from most unconventional for me to most conventional for me…you may design it different. The tool choice should be made with items that you have had experience moving effectively and efficiently before.

You also won’t want to move the tools in a way that you have never attempted before, unless you are ready to assume the inherent risk that comes with that foreign movement.

I also make sure that I have a bail-out plan that doesn’t put myself, others, or expensive property at risk, just in case something goes wrong mid-movement with heavy and blunt or sharp object.

You may also want to lower the weight significantly, so it is easier…or maybe you are strong and amazing…in that case go up in weight.

Please err on the side of easy, so you do not increase your chance for injury.

Now breath and enjoy this fun five minute Friday flow.

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