Barbell and Battle Ropes Strength Workout

Barbell and Battle Ropes Strength Workout

Barbell Battle Rope Strength Workout

1A – Barbell Complex: Dead, Row, Clean, Jerk, and Front Squat
10, 8, 6, 4, 2 reps (rest as needed between sets)

2A – Battle Rope Alternating Wave with Squat
60, 50, 40, 30, 20 seconds (rest as needed between sets)

Building Bilateral and Contralateral Strength with Barbell and Battle Rope

Your goal during each set is to have the highest quality of movement, while also producing the most force and power output. Mass times acceleration is going to be at an all time high for each movement of the barbell and the battle ropes. This coupled with moving the greatest distance in the shortest period of time will equal increased power output.

When most people think strength, they think barbell, and maybe dumbbell, and maybe even kettlebell, but battle ropes?

You got it folks, battle ropes!

If we truly get strong and build muscle by pushing our tissue, nervous, and other physiological and biochemical systems off of homeostasis through progressively overloading force production and power output, than does it matter which tool we use for this process?

Obvious answer is no.

The beauty of using the battle ropes, is that I can push my upper and lower body off homeostasis to build strength in a contralateral pattern…which is all but impossible with a barbell.

I am excited to have you try this workout and tell me which part of the workout made you feel like you were going to get stronger.

When I did this workout, I felt more pump, more fatigue, and greatest potential from the battle ropes, even though I know this barbell complex will get you strong…it will be interesting to hear your results.

Ensure you know how to do these movements and you are cleared by your physician before you do any of these workouts.

If you don’t know how to do these movements, please get a coach or a personal trainer that does know how to do and teach these movements proficiently.

Barbell complexes and Battle Ropes movements are not as easy as it may look.

I have spent two decades refining my skills with both tools, and I still have a lot of room for improvement.

Once you master these movements, then you will begin to see the incredible strength and muscle-building benefits from this rather simple workout.

If you enjoyed this barbell and battle rope workout, please share it with a family member, friend, and coworker.

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