Battle Ropes Benefit #35 – Perfect Tool for Outdoor Training

In battle ropes benefit #35, Aaron talks about why the battle ropes are the perfect tool for any trainer, coach, or enthusiast to use outdoors.

Battle Rope Education is an organization that offers Battle Ropes Expertise from the Onnit Academy Master Coach of Battle Ropes and Equinox Battle Ropes Educator, Aaron Guyett.

This site offers done-for-you workout programs like Warrior Evolution Program, Workshops & Certifications on our event page, and even a continuing education membership to go from Enthusiast to Elite (with an opportunity to test out, and become a Battle Ropes Education Educator-doing your own workshops and seminars).

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In this video Battle Ropes Master Coach Aaron Guyett is teaching the 35th benefit of battle ropes by talking about why it is the perfect tool for outdoor training.

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You can also sign up for the next Battle Ropes Education workshop, certification, or get a done-for-you product at

Looking to train or workout outside? Grab a battle rope and get to work!


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