Battle Ropes Benefit #36 – A Perfect Home Gym Tool and Home Gym Review by

In battle ropes benefit #36, Aaron explains why the battle rope is a perfect home gym tool.

He has also recently teamed up with the folks at to showcase an in-depth review of The Best Home Gyms 2017.

Home gym equipment comes in many shapes and sizes. For some, it’s a fully decked out garaged filled with dumbbells, barbells, and racks to support their strength goals, while others have one or two pieces of equipment like a cable rack. Below we’re going to dive into the multiple types of home gym equipment one can use to reach their fitness goals.

Throughout this article, we’ll address home gym equipment as any piece of strength gear you utilize at home. Since home gym equipment comes with so many options, we wanted to put them into more specific categories to help out those who may feel overwhelmed when building, and searching for their perfect home gym equipment.

What a home gym actually is will be dependent on the user or consumer. For most, when they think of home gym, they think of a decked out basement or garage, but that’s not always the case. Standard lifting equipment, elaborate machines, and even elastic bands are all technically forms of home gym equipment. If you’re using strength equipment at home, then you’re technically utilizing a home gym; it just may not be in the form of the traditional definition or idea.

Below are some great options, in our opinion, of home gyms for a variety of goals.

Best Home Gyms Picks (Click the Link Below to See)

The Best Home Gyms 2017


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If you are looking to build a home gym, start with the battle ropes and grow from there!

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