Body Weight Workout – Vacation Workout with Aaron Guyett

Full Body Weight Workout with Battle Ropes Master Coach Aaron Guyett

Body Weight Workout Master Coach Aaron Guyett performs while on vacation.

In this body weight workout I perform exercises I learned in the Marine Corps, ZUU, and Animal Flow.

Most of the exercises are from the ZUU system, which I love because it is fast, furious, yet super simple.

If you don’t think you can get a workout doing body weight exercises, try five rounds of these exercises anywhere from 5 to 20 repetitions of each or 15 to 60 seconds on each exercise:

Crawls forward, backward, right, and left 15 seconds each way
Crabs forward, backward, right, and left 15 seconds each way
Kicksits 20 reps on each
Hindu Push-ups 20 reps
Toe Hindu Squats 20 reps
Heel Hindu Squats 20 reps
Cherry Pickers 20 reps
HIgh Pulls 20 reps
Bent-over Rows 20 reps
Curls 20 reps
Rock Press 20 reps
Plank Rolls 30 seconds on each
Frog Squats 20 reps
Straddles 20 reps on each

Repeat for 2 to 6 Rounds (Rest as needed between rounds)

Keep your abs engaged, your spine tall, and your chest proud throughout the exercises, and watch your lungs and heart work hard to keep up the tempo.

The goal is to build strength endurance and endurance with these exercises.

You will feel yourself start to fade, but I encourage you to stay focused and work hard to keep moving through your rounds.

These body weight workout exercises are best done with a partner or a team, and someone leading by example.

Not everyone will have a Nathan Helberg, the creator of ZUU to drive them forward to personal and team success, but let the effort and challenge shape you and your team into an unstoppable force.

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