Build Strength in All Planes with Battle Ropes Master Coach Aaron Guyett

Build Strength in All Planes with Battle Ropes Master Coach Aaron Guyett

Using a Barbell, Kettlebell, Battle Rope, and Steel Club I will coach you through exercises to train all three planes of motion to build strength.

Sagittal Plane Strength Building Exercises:
1A-Barbell Deadlift 6-12 Reps
1B-Kettlebll High Pull-Squat-Press 6-12 Reps
1C-Battle Rope Vertical Waves 20-40 seconds
1D-Steel Club Clean to Pull-over 6-12 Reps
*Repeat for 3 to 5 Rounds

Frontal Plane Strength Building Exercises:
2A-Battle Rope In-and-out Waves with Lateral Lunges 20-40 secs
2B-Steel Club Lateral Leg Drivers 6-12 Reps
*Repeat 3 to 5 Rounds

Transverse Plane Strength Building Exercises:
3A-Steel Club Double Helix 6-12 Reps
3B-Kettlebel Rotaional Clean and Press 6-12 Reps
3C-Battle Ropes Outside Circles with Rotational Lunges 20-40 Sec
*Repeat 3-5 Rounds

I start with sagittal plane strength, because it is the least complex of all three movement patterns, and we tend to train the sagittal plane far more than all of the other planes of motion. This means we recognize it within our central nervous system and peripheral nervous system more readily. It also means it is a great way to prepare nervously and muscularly for the more complex exercises.

I then move into lateral or frontal plane strength movements, which tend to be more complex than the sagittal plane movements for strength. I don’t do as many sets here, because I want to leave some volume and power output in the tank for rotational output for strength.

Lastly, I perform the rotational movements for upper body and lower body strength.

This strength workout is going to be great for humans looking to optimize strength in all of their movement patterns. It will also drastically improve the athletes mental map of movement capacity and variability with strength level outputs.

Be sure to focus on the quality of the movement first before you start making the weights heavier or adding speed to the movement patterns.

If you implement this workout once or twice per week, you should be seeing improvements in both your volume per set, round, and workout, as well as power output per repetition. This means added weight or speed per rep, or moving closer to the anchor and adding speed on the rope.

Enjoy your strength in all planes!

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