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Can Battle Ropes Build Strength Muscle

Can battle ropes build muscle and strength?

A Battle Ropes Frequently Asked Questions.

This is one of my favorite topics with battle ropes.

What is strength and/or hypertrophy (building of muscles)?

It is an adaptation to progressive overload of the cells, tissues, and systems involved in production of force and power output in our body or physiology.

There is a biochemical part to this adaptation process, call metabolism, and specifically for strength, it is the glycolytic metabolic pathway or lactic energy system that improves its ability to fuel muscles with the ability to produce force or resist outside forces in certain muscle complexes (or kinetic chains of movements).

There is a tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone) part to this adaptation process. Where protein synthesis grows more cells and makes cells stronger and combined to create force production in our kinetic chains of movement.

There is a nervous system part to this adaptation process, where our peripheral nervous system (body nerves) and central nervous system (brain nerves), get better at recruiting the fibers and signalling the sequencing and timing of muscles to make movements happen with more or less force and power output.

I could go into cardiac system, digestive system, pulmonary system, and circulatory system, but I will stop here, because the afore-mentioned three are the primary systems with which make the adaptations so we are happy with the strength or muscle-size result.

We use force whether external or internal to make the PNS, CNS, Tissue, and Biochemical process create power output at an intensity, speed, frequency, volume, and load that pushes these three systems toward or to failure…this is when we push the systems out of homeostasis ( or allostasis), and then during recovery (as long as we recover properly), our bodies make specific adaptations to imposed demands. After a week we are stronger, and after months we start to see the muscle-building happen, and after a year, we have completely different systems (all of the above) that produce far more force, and far more power output.

This is an over-simplified version of muscle-building and strength-improving.

In this process was there a specific tool mentioned?

Nope. Because force is the method to make the adaptations happen, and as long as there is a progressive overload of force through the tissues that you want to grow…you will build muscle. As long as there is force through the nervous, metabolic, and muscle systems that you want to improve, you will build strength.

So you can most definitely build muscle with battle ropes, as long as you know how to measure their output and program effectively in the glycolytic-lactic-strength metabolic pathway (energy system) and muscle systems.

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