How do you anchor the battle rope? – Battle Ropes FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do you anchor the battle rope?

In this Frequently Asked Questions for Battle Ropes, Master Coach Aaron Guyett, goes over many ways to anchor your rope.

If you have a battle rope that you have been using consistently, chances are, it was some wear and tear at the anchor point.

Either because the anchor is thin, has edges, has exposed bolts, or the way you use the rope creates too much tension or movement at the anchor point.

To anchor your battle rope well, you need either the dead weight of a heavy sandbag or a thick pipe with no exposed bolts or edges.

I used to recommend putting a 4 inch thick galvanized steel pipe into the ground, but I realized very quickly that we all do not have the ability to do this.

This answers the question, how do I anchor my battle rope very simply, cheaply, and conveniently.

Throughout the video, I give a bunch of examples for increasing the life of your battle rope, while still providing a great way to anchor them.

Here are a few examples:

  • A Heavy Enough Kettlebell or three
  • My Favorite is a Heavy Enough Sandbag
  • Pipe or Rig that is anchored to the ground by weight or bolts
  • Use a 3 foot to 6 foot canvas strap or nylon tubing from the hardware store (you can either tie it in a continuous loop, using a carabiner to attach it to the anchor or your can tie it to the rope and anchor separately)

If you are looking for the video to tie off your strap or your battle ropes sign up for the Free Enthusiast Level Here: Battle Ropes Continuing Education.

See all the examples in the above video, and make your next one your best one!

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