Mental Toughness and Building Aerobic Capacity

Mental Toughness Aaron Guyett with Hannah Guyett as a baby, building mindset strength through hard work and long suffering

Mental Toughness and Building Aerobic Capacity with Master Coach Aaron Guyett, as he takes you through this training session that teaches the principles that Hard Work and Long-suffering are Good Things.

Aerobic Capacity and Mental Toughness Training:

  • 1A-Kettlebell Single Arm Cleans 100 reps on each side
  • 1B-Steel Mace Hand Switch Lateral Lunges 100 reps on each side
  • 1C-Jump Rope 1,000 reps
  • 1D-Battle Ropes Alternating Waves 10 Mins
  • 1E-Steel Club Single Arm Double Helix 100 reps on each side
  • 1F-Push-ups 100 reps

Focus on your count, quality, and not stopping throughout this workout. You will want to quit. You will want to give up. You will feel discomfort. You will have to BATTLE YOUR WEAK MIND, to prove that your body and your mind are waaaaaay stronger than you think it is.

This was difficult for me. I felt my past rib injury trying to convince me that I couldn’t continue. After I got over my rib injury then I had a string of other issues, like losing count and starting over, and then wondering if this was even helpful physiologically.

It is for all of those reasons that I wholeheartedly believe this workout was EXACTLY what I needed that day. It forced me to dig deep, and put aside all of my mental issues and physical nagging to finish strong, and prove that I have what it takes.

You are not a quitter.

You are not weak.

You are not a loser.

You are not dumb.

You are powerful beyond measure.

Take this workout, and prove it to yourself.

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We often have a preconceived notion of who we are and what we are capable of, and until it is challenged, we will go on for the rest of our lives believing this construct.

This training session is to challenge your mind and body’s status quo. I know you have more in there, but until you put it to the test, and come through on the other side stronger mentally and physically, you won’t believe me.

Do this training session today.


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