Muscle Building Workout with Steel Mace, Kettlebell, Battle Ropes, and Steel Clubs

Burn Your Fat!

In this Muscle Building Workout with Steel Mace, Kettlebell, Battle Ropes and Steel Club, Aaron Guyett shows a couple of simple moves you can do to build muscle and strength.

Steel Mace – Squat Press 10 ea – 8 ea – 6 ea – 4 ea
Kettlebell – Push-up to High Pull 20 reps – 16 reps – 12 reps – 8 reps
Battle Ropes – Alternating Waves Lunges 10 ea – 8 ea – 6 ea – 4 ea
Steel Club – Double Helix 10 ea – 8 ea – 6 ea – 4 ea

The Squat Press with the offset load of the Steel Mace is incredible for core strength, as well as pressing and squatting strength. Keeping your spine long and chest proud is a great way to build strength throughout your legs, core, and arms. To make it easier move your arms toward the weight of the mace.

In the kettlebell push-up to high pull, protect your low back by keeping good intra-abdominal pressure by flexing your abs and keeping your spine tall and chest proud throughout the movement. The more speed you use the more power output you will generate.

In the battle ropes movement, you can use a basic lunge, but I love switching it up for increased proprioception, coordination, and mobility while I build up the strength in my legs.

In the Steel Club Double Helix’s, remember it is a very advanced move, so make sure you have it down before you attempt it with heavy load and in this workout.

In the video I demonstrate several ways to modify these movements.

Keep working toward freeing your mind, freeing your body, and freeing your spirit. Remember, In Discipline Lies Freedom.

Check out for more education with the Battle Ropes.

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  • Samantha says:

    I was hoping you were going to post. I miss your live workouts. I always snap a picture of it so I can do it later. This one looks tough like many, but going to do for sure. Thank you for your service.

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