Positive Neuroplasticity Explained by Battle Ropes Education Master Coach Aaron Guyett

I have had a ton of people ask me about PNT, or Positive Neuroplasticity Training.

They have asked me how I do it as well as why I do it.

I do it to forever transform the way I see the World, and I do it to impact the lives of the people that I love: my wife, my children, my community, my teams, and the World.

We humans are created and evolved to retain negativity, it is what keeps us alive. If you don’t believe me look at the way we are marketed to via the news.

We love bad news, because we are wired to discover it, remember it, talk about it, and use it to keep it from happening to us.

When many people compliment, and one person says something derogatory or negative, which comment do we think about all day and night? Any one of the positive comments or the ONE negative one…chances are, you think about the negative one.

Me too.

Which is why I implemented Positive Neuroplasticity Training as soon as I heard it. If have since read many more articles, books and research on the topic.

Here is what I have gleaned, and how I implement it in my daily disciplines:

Below is a list I have generated from the PNT topics I pulled from the Android App “Bliss” (I have not found a comparable app on iPhone).

I no longer use the app, as I prefer a journal because it forces me to verbalize, think about, and then physically write down each PNT moment. This also forces me to slow down, and as you know, I am the consummate hare, so #bethetortoise right?

Here is my daily non-negotiables for Postive Neuroplasticity Training:

Monday – 3 Good Things and Savoring
Tuesday – 3 Good Things and Honoring
Wednesday – 3 Good Things and Transforming Problems
Thursday – 3 Good Things and Meaning in Work
Friday – 3 Good Things and Gratitude and Why
Saturday – 3 Good Things and Best Possible Future
Sunday – 3 Good Things and Best Possible Future

For an explanation of each item in depth, please join Battle Ropes Continuing Education at the Pro Level here:

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