Three Good Things Daily – Improve Your Mindset, Growth, and Development

Master Coach Aaron Guyett Teach Positive Mindset, Growth Mindset, and Three Good Things for Improved life

Three Good Things Daily – Master Coach Aaron Guyett Explains this easy daily habit to improve your mindset, growth, and development.

Master Coach Aaron Guyett explains the daily habit of thinking about, journaling, and meditating on Three Good Things everyday to improve your mindset and help you develop and grow.

“We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.” -Archilochus

I believe we all have expectations, hopes, desires, dreams, and visions of ourselves. They also tend to be rose-colored and romantic.

This is not a bad thing, but it can be troublesome when life gets tough. Life getting tough, frictional, obstacle-ridden, and unbearable is as normal as breathing in air.

These obstacles, issues and challenges present an issue if we have the wrong mindset and attitude.

I believe PTSD exists, and because it exists, I also believe in such a thing as Post Traumatic Growth (PTG).

Life will inevitably get hard, so we must see that “The obstacle is the way,” which is a profound meditation by Marcus Aurelius. And it is also an awesome book by Ryan Holiday. Seeing the obstacles in life for the opportunities that they provide is a great way to train the brain from a new perspective.

I use three good things everyday to help train my brain to look for the silver linings in the clouds of life and the opportunities in the obstacles of life.

Our brains will naturally remember and see the negatives, it is what keeps us safe. However, we must work and train for the brain to look for the positives.

This is why I make Three Good Things a part of my daily non-negotiable habits.

You can think about them when you brush your teeth, or you can journal them while you drink you coffee.

Performing this training discipline daily is what will help you improve your mindset and developing your character for growth as opposed to stress and anxiety.

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