What are the benefits of battle ropes? – Battle Ropes FAQ

What are the benefits of battle ropes? – Battle Ropes Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to benefits of battle ropes, I realized there is a ton, so I started collecting a list.

I currently have 36 benefits, and I know there are even more.

This playlist will get you started with the top 36 benefits of battle ropes, and I would love to hear the benefits you have come up with after you check this out:

All 36 Benefits of Battle Ropes are as follows:

  1. Contralateral Patterning or Cross-patterning
  2. Low Impact, High Return
  3. The Coach Themselves, to a Degree
  4. Output Creates Input
  5. Force is Force is Force
  6. Concentric Only Tool
  7. Improves Grip Strength Dynamically
  8. Improves Shoulders Dynamically
  9. Helps You Step Outside of the Box
  10. Great Isometric Feedback Tool
  11. Visually Stimulating
  12. Easy to “Change Weights”
  13. Easy to Change and Cue Power Output
  14. Motivational Tool
  15. Very Humbling
  16. Shows Issues in the Kinetic Chain
  17. Helps Reinforce Movement Patterns
  18. Great for Explosive Power
  19. Incredible For Strength
  20. Awesome For Endurance
  21. Running 2.0
  22. Perfect if you have a Leg Injury
  23. Can Build Your Legs
  24. Helps Engage and Increase Muscle Recruitment
  25. Improves Nervous Communication
  26. Battle Ropes are Easy to Transport
  27. Are Very Versatile
  28. Excellent for Partner Drills and Partner Workouts
  29. Excellent for Training Teams and Groups
  30. Can Be Made Into a Speed Ladder
  31. Helpful in Coaching Gait
  32. Can be Used for Increased Foot Speed, and Knee Drive
  33. Battle Ropes Can Train In All Three Planes of Motion
  34. Improves Whole Brain Connection
  35. Perfect Tool For Outdoor Training
  36. Battle Ropes are the Perfect Home Gym Equipment

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  • Aaron Guyett says:

    I think I forgot two of the most obvious…mental toughness and work capacity…similar to the endurance benefit #20, but I was speaking more to the physiological and biochemical endurance in 20…there is a whole deeper level of psyche and spirit that is improved on the ropes.

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