Battle Ropes Certifications


Battle Ropes certification is the next level in learning the techniques and principles that underlie Battle Ropes training: power, strength, endurance, stability, and mobility. Battle Ropes uses a dynamic approach by utilizing both gravity and frequency changes to load the body in complex ways, improving all areas of physical fitness.

Team Certifications

If you are looking to bring cutting-edge methodologies and the most innovative approach to establishing power, strength, endurance, stability and mobility to your gym and fitness coaching, then Battle Ropes team certification is exactly what you need. No other training program offers as dynamic an approach to overall mental and physical fitness as Battle Ropes.

You and your staff will come away from Battle Ropes team certification with a range of new methods, innovations and modifications to fitness coaching that will wholly transform the way you work with clients. We truly believe that Battle Ropes’ use of both gravity and frequency changes will create a unique foundation for all your team’s future training.

Battle Ropes is much more than just a workout routine. Battle Ropes’ technique is just as much mental as it is physical. This is why team certification can be utterly transformational for your entire group.

“When you bring your team, all of you are able to create a foundation that allows you to be able to communicate back and forth, as well as being able to interchange the clients you are working with, without diminishing their experience.”
— Shane Heins, Onnit Academy Director of Education

With team certification, all of your trainers and team members will come away with expert knowledge and advice on the proper techniques, principles, concepts and understanding of how Battle Ropes training can improve every aspect of their lives and the lives of your clients.

Team Certification Goals:

  • Manipulate Force to Create Mobility, Stability, Strength, Power & Endurance
  • Utilize Gravity & Frequency Changes to Increase Nervous, Muscular, Soft Tissue & Bone Development
  • Establish Systemic Program Development for Optimum Results & Decreased Injuries
  • Create Innovative Approaches to Movement & Total Human Optimization
  • Harness Low Impact Methodology for High Impact Results
  • Improve Functional Movement Patterns & Brain Function & Cognitive Awareness
  • Apply Mental Awareness & Positivity to Inner Dialogue & Daily Habits for Personal Development
  • Develop Unforgettable Stories & Language in Daily Interactions for Peak Fitness & Living
  • Learn Best Practices for Battle Ropes Training

Achieving these goals will demand developing the mind and the spirit as well as the body. Battle Ropes utilizes a variety of approaches to mental training and team building, all with the purpose of creating harmony and trust between your team members and advancing the leadership skills of all of your staff.

Why Aaron Guyett?

Aaron trains the trainers! Who better to learn from than the guy who trains the trainers? Aaron has spent his career training everyone from novices who just got off the couch to world-class athletes and top fitness trainers.

Aaron Guyett is a husband, father, Master Coach, Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, and Founder of Battle Ropes Education and Leaders of Leaders. His extensive experience training teams, clients and military through the use of Battle Ropes and fitness has changed thousands of lives around the world.


Who should take a Battle Ropes Education Certification?

This certification is perfect for:

  • The coach, athlete or person not satisfied with boring and stale workout regimens.
  • The human that has become stagnant in their physical and mental transformation, and truly desires improvement.
  • The trainer or coach that wants to deliver dynamic and fascinating training programs that deliver results to the highest level client or gym member.
  • The person that has not moved well in years, and spent far too many hours on the computer, couch, car, and chair.
  • The gym, organization, or institution looking to improve their continuing education and personnel development process or system.

See what People are Saying About Aaron and Battle Ropes Education

Just Ask Them!

  • Great job!! Very good informative and hands on.
  • Aaron and Jackie are clearly very passionate and the sort who are doing the work and putting in the effort every day. It’s an inspiration!
  • Love the Battle Rope coaches, love how they will communicate with students outside of the event. Always have questions and I appreciate the quick responses.
  • Aaron and Jackie, You guys have changed my life forever with this certification. You guys have an amazing outlook on the battle ropes, but also in life. I took so much more away from this weekend than you guys can ever imagine. I have already implemented a lot of the things that you guys have taught us, and it is making my gym run so much better. The attitudes in the gym have been higher, especially my own. I was starting to lose site of who I was and why I became a trainer in the first place. You guys have brought that back to life in me this weekend. I don’t know if we will ever see each other again, so I just want to say thank you. Thank you for everything you guys believe in and have taught me.
  • Aaron was great at explaining his knowledge to us in fun and interesting ways. You could really tell he has a huge passion. Best workshop I’ve been to yet.
  • Aaron is a great teacher/coach the class was interesting and flowed well.
  • Aaron was absolutely exceptional! He has such a great understanding of the battle rope and human anatomy/physiology that he can speak to the most advanced people confidently, but can also dumb the material down enough for beginners. Really great class!
  • The workshop could have been longer because I know that there was more info that Aaron wasn’t able to get into.
  • Aaron was by far the most enthusiastic and engaging instructor I’ve had in a workshop! Highly recommend!
  • I liked the way it was all laid out.
  • Loved the practical application of an otherwise staid subject area of metabolic energy systems and mind-blowing way in which a single tool could be used so broadly through all types of training.
  • I liked everything!! Love how everything was broke down from science to programming!
  • The instructors are extremely knowledgeable with the material and the way they break it down if very easy to understand.