Burn More Fat with 23 Battle Rope Exercises

23 Battle Rope Exercises
to Burn More Fat

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It's not about just going through the motions - 23 Battle Rope Exercises to Burn More Fat teaches the science behind the exercise, and gives you the program necessary to succeed.

Why Battle Ropes?

Battle Ropes are an incredibly effective tool in taking your fitness to the next level. Battle Ropes are awesome for endurance, incredible for strength, and great for explosive power.

I like to think of Battle Ropes exercises as a "Low Impact, High Return" workout. If you suffer from weak or sensitive joints, Battle Ropes are the best low impact tool for you to build strength and shred fat fast.

Every single person that has listened to my advice, and committed to this program, has lost the unwanted weight they were looking to get rid of. Every single person has also gained an extraordinary amount of confidence, skill, and satisfaction from the process!

So, what do you get with this E-Book?

Video demonstrations of each exercise from Battle Ropes Master Aaron Guyett himself.

Done ForYou Programs with Recommended cadences and schedules.

Explanations of how each exercise benefits your body.

The only comprehensive guide to losing weight and staying fit. Fast.

How-To Videos

Each of the 23 Exercises comes with how-to video which explains each exercise in detail!

Expert Advices

Each of the 23 Exercises comes with written expert instruction on proper form and technique!

Guaranteed Success

Each exercise comes with in-depth explanations of the how’s and why’s of Battle Ropes training to burn more fat!



Master Trainer Aaron Guyett

Onnit Academy Master Coach

Aaron Guyett is the Battle Rope Master Coach for Onnit Academy with almost a decade of training with Battle Ropes! His experience and expertise with training at the highest levels allow him to break down each of these exercises in an easy-to-digest way that will have you sweating in no time. This ebook will totally change your mindset to get the most out of your own training and the training of your clients, athletes, and classes.

See what past workshop attendees have to say about Aaron


“Aaron was great at explaining his knowledge to us in fun and interesting ways. You could really tell he has a huge passion. Best workshop I've been to yet!”

"Aaron was absolutely exceptional! He has such a great understanding of the battle rope and human anatomy/physiology that he can speak to the most advanced people confidently, but can also dumb the material down enough for beginners. Really great class!"


"Loved the practical application of an otherwise staid subject area of metabolic energy systems and mind-blowing way in which a single tool could be used so broadly through all types of training."

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