Battle Ropes Elite

Battle Ropes Elite

As Battle Rope Elite, you have exclusive access to deals, videos, articles, workouts, and more.

You learned from a Senior Coach or Master Coach Aaron Guyett at a Battle Ropes certification, and now you can continue to learn through an enormous amount of exclusive content for only $27.99.

Battle Rope Elite Extras

  • 10% off Onnit Products
  • 50% off Battle Rope Workshops ($100 in savings!)
  • 50% off Battle Rope Certifications ($500 in savings!)
  • Become a Battle Rope Expert 37 page e-book
  • Bonus Battle Ropes Training Tips
  • 23 Battle Rope Exercises to Blast Fat
  • 9 Battle Ropes Moves for Massive Arms
  • Access to 7 Battle Ropes Interviews/Videos, including Barbell Shrugged Interview
  • 6 Months of Done-for-you Workout Programs with Battle Ropes
  • Access to the Programming video and article for each 4 week program
  • A 1 hour phone call with Master Coach Aaron Guyett for exclusive programming and coaching questions
  • Each program and progression has a specific formula for success, and you will learn that formula and why we use it for each of the programs and workouts above, as well as the free workouts and progressions on the workouts page of Battle Ropes Education site
  • Call in to a monthly master coach call to help you develop into a Senior Coach with the ability to use and teach workshops exclusively from Battle Ropes Education.
  • Access to the archive of all the past master coach calls ever recorded.

This is not the end for you though.

As you learn and apply each of these exclusive access pieces into your programming and training, you can take another step toward your battle rope mastery after testing out of our Senior Coach test, and then start doing your very own Battle Rope workshops and seminars from Battle Ropes Education.

Potential to Take The Battle Ropes Educator Test

  • Multiple Choice Test (if you pass, you can move to the next test)
  • Written Exam (if you pass, you can move to the next test)
  • Physical Test (if you pass, you can move to the next test)
  • Coaching and Cuing Test (if you pass, you can move to the next test)
  • Speaking and Leadership Test
  • Co-host your first workshop with a current Senior Coach or Master Coach
  • Start Setting up very own Battle Ropes Workshops/Seminars and teach and coach to spread the message of the versatility of battle ropes and metabolic pathway programming

Thank you, Battle Rope Elite!

I look forward to meeting you at an upcoming workshop and certification, on the master coach call, and for the next testing!

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