Battle Ropes Enthusiast

Battle Rope Enthusiasts

As Battle Rope Enthusiasts, you can now gain access to the Battle Ropes e-book (which is usually only reserved for workshop attendees).

Battle Rope Master Coach Aaron Guyett has an extensive How-to library above, if you are not already familiar.

This comes with a few other items as listed below.

Battle Rope Enthusiast Extras

Each person that joins the email list, signs up for an e-book, and/or joins Battle Ropes Education Enthusiast level on the Battle Ropes website receives:

  • A 37-page E-book that delivers info on becoming a Battle Rope Expert (download link should arrive via email)
  • Bonus Battle Ropes Tip Videos
  • Emails to help set you up for success with Battle Ropes Education and your Battle Ropes Training

For even more greater deals on battle ropes, supplements, our services, and deeper access to Battle Ropes Education website knowledge, we suggest joining the ranks of our Experts, Pros, and Elites.

Level-up to Battle Rope Expert

The next level is Expert, where an Enthusiast can go to get even more. Here are the deals and access you will get with Expert level subscription:

  • 10% off Onnit Products
  • 10% off any Battle Ropes workshop or certification
  • 23 Battle Rope Exercises to Blast Fat video and article
  • 9 Battle Ropes Moves for massive Arms video and article
  • Access to Interviews and Articles

Thank you for joining the team of enthusiasts, and we look forward to hearing more from you on the forums, comments, and at the next workshops and certifications.

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