Battle Ropes Certifications

Battle Rope Exercise

Battle Ropes certification is the first step in learning the techniques and principles that underlie Battle Ropes training: power, strength, endurance, stability and mobility. Battle Ropes uses a dynamic approach by utilizing both gravity and frequency changes to load the body in singular ways, improving all areas of physical fitness.

Onnit Battle Ropes Certification with Master Coach Aaron Guyett

Team Certification allows you and your staff to advance to the next level in fitness coaching, not simply through the mastering of physical routines but by mastering and applying the fundamental mental concepts at the core of Battle Ropes training.

No matter what the fitness level of you or your staff, Battle Ropes certification can improve upon and widen the number of skills you have at your disposal. No other fitness program is as practical or as wide-ranging in its both its applications and effects. Battle Ropes certification is the first step on the path to a whole new array of training and coaching possibilities.

Can’t make it to one of our certifications? Host a Battle Ropes certification!

“Seeing the ideas that he has, seeing the action through application with all of the people he has worked with…his energy and creativity in going: why? why are we using it this way? why couldn’t we do it this way? why couldn’t we do it that way? Taking something as simple as a rope and turning it into this expansive curriculum, this expansive tools and modalities that allow you to apply it in a whole bunch of different ways. That really comes from the strength of Aaron.”
— Shane Heins, Director of Fitness Education

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