What is the Battle Ropes Certification?

Battle Ropes training is a unique approach to physical and mental fitness. By harnessing the dynamic tool of Battle Ropes, we can exploit both gravity and frequency changes to challenge our bodies in ways conventional fitness training cannot achieve. Battle Ropes certification lays the foundation for you and your trainers so that they can introduce this advanced and innovative approach throughout your coaching.

Battle Ropes certification will significantly increase your understanding of energy system development, cutting-edge methodologies, and the tools necessary for total fitness optimization. Certification trains not only your body through rigorous physical workouts, but more importantly it develops your mind by establishing core principles that can be adapted to any form of fitness training.

“The course is both innovative and highly effective. It is so practical but can be scaled to any skill level and any fitness level.”
— John Wolf, Chief Fitness Officer

Onnit Battle Ropes Certification with Master Coach Aaron Guyett

Certification Learning Objectives

  • Manipulate Force to Create Mobility, Stability, Strength, Power & Endurance
  • Utilize Gravity & Frequency Changes to Increase Nervous, Muscular, Soft Tissue & Bone Development
  • Establish Systemic Program Development for Optimum Results & Decreased Injuries
  • Create Innovative Approaches to Movement & Total Human Optimization
  • Harness Low Impact Methodology for High Impact Results
  • Improve Functional Movement Patterns & Brain Function & Cognitive Awareness
  • Apply Mental Awareness & Positivity to Inner Dialogue & Daily Habits for Personal Development
  • Develop Unforgettable Stories & Language in Daily Interactions for Peak Fitness & Living
  • Learn Best Practices for Battle Ropes Training


No prerequisites are necessary for Battle Ropes certification. While we recommend the Foundations Certification from Onnit Academy as a precursor to certification, it is not required. We welcome any and all skill levels and look forward to working with all of our clients.


  • Early Bird Registration (30+ Days Prior to Course): $995
  • General Admission: $1195

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