23 Battle Rope Exercises to Burn More Fat


23 Battle Rope Exercises to Burn More Fat.

Come discover my 23 Favorite Exercises for shredding fat!

Each exercise comes with expert instruction on proper technique and form. In this book, I go in-depth into the how's and why's of Battle Ropes training to burn more fat!

Each exercise also comes with a how-to demonstration video to make sure you're getting the absolute most out of each technique!

You get: 23 Videos! 23 Unique Exercises! and 23 sets of Expert Tips and Instruction!


Do you want to burn more fat? Do you want to gain highly-effective knowledge with Battle Ropes?

Looking to shed some fat in a fun, exciting, and educational way?

Then 23 Battle Rope Exercises to Burn More Fat is exactly what you need!

My Ebook is stuffed with 23 Battle Rope Exercises designed perfectly to get your heart rate up and help you burn fat faster than ever.

You’ll gain expert insights into each Battle Rope exercise that will not only help you shed fat faster than ever, you’ll be learning expert tips and instruction for Battle Rope performance along the whole journey.

Each of the 23 Exercises comes with how-to video and written expert instruction on proper form and technique! I also share my personal stories, the why’s and how’s of burning fat with Battle Ropes.

You get 23 Videos! 23 Exercises! 23 sets of Expert Tips and Instruction!

Every single person that has listened to my advice, and committed to this book, have lost the unwanted weight they were looking to get rid of. Every single person has also gained an extraordinary amount of confidence, skill, and satisfaction from the process!


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