Warrior Evolution Program – 6 Week Done-for-you Strength and Conditioning Program for Combat Athletes


Warrior Evolution Program

6 Week Done-For-You Strength and Conditioning Collaboration with three Onnit Academy Master Coaches

  • Erik “Esik” Melland – Steel Mace Master Coach and Viking Ninja Warrior
  • Marcus Martinez – Kettlebell Master Coach and Founder of MBody Pro
  • Aaron Guyett – Battle Rope Master Coach and Founder of Innovative Results

Take your game to the next level with these World-renowned Champion-makers!


Looking to get into fighting, grappling, striking, boxing, kickboxing, karate, or any other combat sport?

Have you been fighting and training, but lost your edge?

How about looking for some tried and true workouts that have helped the best in the combat sports world get even better?

Warrior Evolution Program is the perfect done-for-you workout that gives you 6 epic weeks with three Master Coaches, and another 6 weeks if you choose to continue your climb to the top.

Erik “Esik” Melland, Marcus Martinez, and Aaron Guyett have come together to provide every combat athlete with a warrior mindset and warrior body.

Complete with open chain mobility warm-ups, activation techniques, primary work sets, secondary work sets, and decompression to handle every area that a fighter needs to improve his or her game.

Whether you are in the ring, on the mat, or in the cage, these three Onnit Academy Master Coaches have provided the most cutting edge teaching with the unconventional tool that they specialize in to improve your ability with the champion-producing program, Warrior Evolution.

Sign-up today, and take your inner-warrior to new heights!


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