Warrior Evolution Program

6 Week Done-for-you Strength and Conditioning Program for Combat Athletes!

Only $49.00!

Looking to get into fighting, grappling, striking, boxing, kickboxing, karate, or any other combat sport?

Have you been fighting and training, but lost your edge?

How about looking for some tried and true workouts that have helped the best in the combat sports world get even better?

Warrior Evolution Program is the perfect done-for-you workout that gives you 6 epic weeks with three Master Coaches, and another 6 weeks if you choose to continue your climb to the top!

6 Epic Weeks!

3 Different Tools

3 Onnit Academy Master Coaches!

3 Onnit Academy Master Coaches, Erik “Esik” Melland, Marcus Martinez and Aaron Guyett have come together to provide every combat athlete with a warrior mindset and warrior body.

Why did the steel mace, battle ropes, and kettlebell join forces?

Well, in our experience, few tools build overall athleticism as well as these three. Are you looking to build power output to get more from your strikes? Then the battle ropes have you covered! Are you looking to build a pair of elastic steel shoulders? Then the steel mace will do the job! Are you interested in increasing explosive strength? The kettlebells were made for this! On top of that you can expect an incredible increase in core and grip strength while your cardio will go through the roof!



Aaron Guyett

Battle Ropes Expert


Marcus Martinez

Kettlebell Expert


Esik Melland

Steel Mace Expert

This Standalone Program gives you everything you need to Evolve into the Warrior you were meant to be. We provide you with everything you need to unleash your inner warrior!

See what past workshop attendees have to say


“Aaron was great at explaining his knowledge to us in fun and interesting ways. You could really tell he has a huge passion. Best workshop I've been to yet!”

"Aaron was absolutely exceptional! He has such a great understanding of the battle rope and human anatomy/physiology that he can speak to the most advanced people confidently, but can also dumb the material down enough for beginners. Really great class!"


"Loved the practical application of an otherwise staid subject area of metabolic energy systems and mind-blowing way in which a single tool could be used so broadly through all types of training."

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Get 6 Week Done-for-you Strength and Conditioning Program for Combat Athletes