Battle Ropes Education Workshops

Aaron Guyett training on battle ropes

A Battle Ropes Education Workshop is the perfect way to fully understand the physiological and psychological aspects of Battle Ropes training. Taught by Master Coach Aaron Guyett, every Battle Ropes Workshop provides an in-depth overview of this innovative and dynamic approach to physical and mental fitness.

Battle Ropes Workshops delve into the fundamentals that make Battle Ropes Workouts different from every other form of training and fitness:

  • Force
  • Waves
  • Static
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Endurance

Understanding how Battle Ropes utilize and maximize these dynamics is crucial to optimizing Battle Ropes training, not only for your own approach to health and fitness, but in training all of your clients as well.

Who Should Attend a Battle Ropes Workshop?

Battle Ropes Workshops are open to anyone and everyone interested in Battle Ropes training. Workshops are most useful for physical trainers/therapists, personal trainers/coaches, sports medicine experts, and athletes, as Workshops will cover in-depth physiological and anatomical aspects of Battle Ropes training.

Do I Have to Attend a Workshop Before I Do Battle Ropes Training?

No. Workshops and Workout training are separate, although anyone wanting to expand their understanding of how Battle Ropes training achieves its goals or any trainer/coach looking to adapt Battle Ropes into their training programs will benefit tremendously from attending a Workshop.

Do You Need Experience With Battle Ropes to Attend a Workshop?

No. Anyone can attend a Battle Ropes Workshop, regardless of their fitness level or their prior experience with Battle Ropes training. Workshops are designed to accommodate both the beginner and the expert alike.

What Does a Battle Ropes Workshop Cost?

Battle Ropes Workshops are from $199 to $499.

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